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How to a Sell House with Sitting Tenants

If you have a genuine sitting tenant or sitting tenants there are a number of problems you will have to overcome before you even consider selling your property. A genuine sitting tenant is one that has been in the property for many years without a tenancy agreement. This could be a very difficult situation as the process to evict can be extremely long, extremely costly and more than anything a very ‘big headache’.

If you have inherited a property and is occupied, and happily pays rent, but will not sign an agreement then it may be worth while trying to negotiate with them. If they want to remain in the property and are happy to pay rent then taking that step to enter into a tenancy agreement really isn’t such a jump. Many cash buyers, like ourselves, are happy to take on a property that has a guaranteed rental income per month.

If the situation is not so clear cut and the tenant is causing a problem then your first step should be to contact a solicitor who will be able to tell you how the whole process will work.

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