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Our key focus is in finding solutions that ensure you get a fast, speedy sale to your property. Our options are as varied as there are property. In general no two sellers’ situations are exactly the same, as there are: Time Scales, Circumstances, Speed of Completion, the need to stay in a home after it is sold for a period of time – the list is endless and that’s why the our solutions are varied and extensive and focus on your needs. To find out more fill in your details for a Free Evaluation – your name, your number and one of us will call you back – it’s as simple as that.

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    Our Testimonials

    I had been having financial difficulties for months and could see no way out of my problems. My friend told me about The Property Buyers and I decided to give it a chance. I spoke to an advisor who immediately put my mind at ease and informed me of the different solutions available. I chose to sell my house to the Property Buyers and rent it back from them as a tenant, therefore solving all my money worries. They were efficient and helpful and I would recommend anyone to speak to The Property Buyers if they are looking for a quick sale and an answer to their prayers.

    N. D, Nottinghamshire

    What our clients say about us

    “We had our property on the market nine months in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, just outside of Mansfield. We had set our heart on a home in Austria, near our grand-children and daughter. The vendors in Austria were wanting to move quickly and we had to get a quick house sale. We approached a number of Cash Buyers – but as we wanted the money in days and not in weeks, many could not buy our property for cash on the day – were able to get the Surveys and legals in a matter of days – three to be exact, they also paid for the legals. I would have no reservation in recommending The Property Buyers as they kept us informed of what was going to happen and when! Thanks for all your hard work”

    P and M Brindley

    Our valuers and property buyers have a combined experience of over 75 years in Property.

    Rahul Shukla
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    Financial Difficulties

    You may, like many others, be experiencing financial difficulty, and at the end of each month you are becoming increasingly short of funds. This perhaps resulting in credit card debt and mortgage arrears. Perhaps you increasingly feel that the situation may not change in the foreseeable future. To forget about the problem and putting your ‘head in the sand’ will lead to financial ruin. It is about taking firm control of your finances. There are wealth of sites out there and advisory bodies, CAB, Debt Advisory Service to mention but a few – so make use of them.

    To avoid further debt or looking for ‘consolidating loans’ – or to even stop repossession – these guides may help you.

    Divorce or Separation

    You may be divorcing or separating from a partner, and invariably the time taken to sell a property on the open market can go from weeks to months – if not years.  This this can lead to even greater stresses and strains in life so by selling your house fast to we can help you achieve a fast house or flat sale – giving you a clean break, quickly, and with the least hassle.  If it is a quick sale you are looking for then you need look no further.

    As a company, we have always had problems with buying from partner disputes. Invariably the partner who calls is usually the common sensed one - ‘they know they have a problem and it needs to be resolved’. However, you do need to have or create common ground, this can be usually be achieved through someone that both parties trust and respect – perhaps a family member or friend. Once you have this then use mediation to achieve mutual goals. There is no point in calling a cash home buyer if you do not have this in place.

    In our 25 years of buying property, we are amazed at the lengths two parties will go to resolve the division of assests. In the main it will cost both parties in solicitors, added debt costs, non payments of bills through acrimony – but the biggest cost is the stress that both parties suffer!

    We have a common sense guide on ‘Divorce and Separation’ please email or call and we will send you one.

    Repossession Proceedings

    Falling behind on your mortgage repayments could lead to repossession. Mortgage companies are under strict conditions to ensure that debt does not mount up beyond a number of months of mortgage repayments. If you are facing home repossession, The Property Buyers can help you by liaising with the lender and other agencies that are involved to ensure you can sell your house fast.  A fast house sale may be just the solution you are looking for in this situation.

    New House Purchase

    You may have found your dream home, but perhaps you are having problems selling your present property fast.  Maybe you are in a broken chain, or you have bought a new property but have not managed to sell your old property. If you can no longer afford to keep both properties going until your old one has sold, then we can provide for problems that arise such as helping chains by providing funding to one part of that chain. This ensures that you can sell your house fast and move on with your new life.  You may also wish to look into our short-term

    Redundancy and Illness

    Do you have health problems or are facing redundancy? The Property Buyers can provide quick and easy buying solutions that work to suit you.  Perhaps you wish to downsize due to ill health or just release some money until you are well enough to go back to work. If you would like to move on and would prefer to sell your house fast, achieving a quick sale, then The Property Buyers can also help with this.  Don’t let money worries or repossession cause you grief – find out how to stop repossession or simply sell your house fast.

    Property Inheritance

    You may have inherited a property and want to sell the property quickly, due to unforseen costs or other difficulties. The Property Buyers can provide quick and easy solutions that will, should you so wish, release money from the property whilst we complete the quick sale – a process that takes us 10 working days and ensures that you succeed in selling the house fast.  If there is a tenantin the property this is also a situtation in which we can assist.

    Relocation or Emigration

    You may be thinking of moving abroad or relocating within the UK, and time scales mean that you are under pressure to sell your house quickly. We can buy your house quickly and also ensure that should you require a deposit for your new home, The Property Buyers are in a position to assist with this.  If the time is cutting short on your relocation date and your property sale is dragging find out how you can sell your house quickly.  A quick sale may be just the thing you need.

    We have recently produced “A Guide to Emigration”. This is a comprehensive document that covers what you need to do before you leave and what to do when you arrive at your destinantion. Email us or call us and we will email it to you.

    Tenanted Properties or Sitting Tenants

    Perhaps you have a property with tenants and need the money to buy a new house – or you may have problem tenants that refuse to move out of the property. This is the sort of property we relish buying – and can complete even faster than if you were living in it yourself.

    The Property Buyers is part of Gifford Hanson Limited, a company that are specialists in Property Management, the directors of which have a property asset base worth over £16 Million, with facilities greatly in excess of this. Our property buying power is significant . This means we can complete on Selling Your House Quickly for A Quick Sale. For our group Testimonials please click What People Say About Us!

    To Sell Your House Quickly or for Further Information you can call us directly on 0800 0122334  or fill in the simple form

    For those of you who want to Sell House Quickly or need a Quick Flat Sale then see our Articles and Testimonials

    Barbera Langtree, Bedfordshire

    “We had inherited a house with a tenant that been in the property 20 years. There was no rental income and no one could raise money to buy the property. We had no idea what a ‘Sitting Tenant’ was and the more we read and sought advice the more of problem property we had. The knowledge shared by Paul and his team we sold in a matter of four weeks. We didn’t the the full market value – but we did get rid of our problem tenant!”

    Brian Palmer, Yorkshire
    “After inheriting a property that needed a lot of renovation we went to several cash buyers. Many companies made offers over the firm – even though I had informed them that they needed to see the property! Only two companies came to see us, one seemed not to have knowledge of what was needed, but Baggy knew his stuff. Thanks for every thing!”

    Yvonne Daniels
    “Our property had been on the market 18 months, and empty after we relocated  for10 months. We dealt with a lot of companies saying they were cash buyers, one buyer went on 5 months and no sale materialised. We spoke to Paul before we contacted any one else – but he told me they would not pay market value and that it would be 25% to 30% below. I thought this was too little money and others were offering 15% to 20% below. However – all these offers were ‘subject to valuation’ – and one company reduced their offer from 15% to 45% below the estate agents valuation, after they had visited the property.

    The money it has cost us through two mortgages, paying rates and bills, and maintaining both properties has been alot more than if we had sold to The Property Buyers st the beginning. It has been a pleasure working with Paul and the company does what it says on the tin!”